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Three Milks Cake

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Our flagship cake, a popular style known in Latin America as “Tres Leches” or Genovesa. It is a decadent sponge cake infused with our signature mix of three kinds of milk, quality ingredients and a kiss of cream. The result, a delightful dessert cake oozing with flavour perfect for any occasion or just as the ideal companion for a coffee. Enjoy a world full of flavour with the different variations that we offer, try them all and choose your favourite. Don’t contain just dive in!

Three Milk Cake Marce Cakes

Quality Ingredients

Traditional Genovesa Three Milk Cake
Oozing with savour
Three Milk Cake Marce Cakes

A world full of flavour

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Marcela Restrepo

Good vibes transformed into a cake

Marcela is a young and enthusiastic Colombian woman living in Australia. Accountant by trade and after being part of the corporate environment, she decided to follow her passion for creativity and entrepreneurship to jump into a new career seeking to explore and learn new things. Designing and decorating cakes allows her to express herself and share celebration moments with her customers as well as having a better work-life balance with the flexibility she needs to raise her family.


She aims to become an inspiration to other working mums and dads that want the same. She thrives on meeting new customers, learning about their story and establishing a relationship with each one of them to be able to extend a hand when needed.  When not baking she enjoys spending time with her family, playing and cooking with her daughters and sharing with her friends.

Marce our main baker at Marce Cakes
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